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Wellbeing or wellness is a quality of life that means feeling healthy & happy.

Your home is one of the big chunks of pie in your life that contributes to you and your family’s wellbeing. When you feel happy at home, positivity becomes infectious that envelops your family and friends.

The Glimmer of Home helps you find your happiness at home that will lift you up every time you return.


‘There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort’.
Jane Austen.

While this quote originates from the 1800’s, the statement still has resonance today even BC (Before COVID!). Your home needs to give comfort as well as look gorgeous.


Style need not be expensive. Style is personal to you. A magical alchemy of your aspirations, memories, loves and likes.

Lorrie at The Glimmer of Home can help you begin to make your house a real home that looks after you. Large or not so large budgets, it does not matter. The important element is to find your sense of wellbeing and style. By working together, avoiding mistakes, and importing creative ideas that get results and give you confidence.

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