Hello, my name is Lorrie Goodlad, founder of ‘The Glimmer of Home’.
My interest in homes and interior design started from a young age.

Lorrie Goodlad - Interior Designer in Buckingham

The beginning

In fact, my company name was born out of a long-held memory and love of being in a car or walking at dusk……. Peeking in at all the lovely homes (which had not yet closed the curtains!) and seeing beautiful lamps or crackling fires, gorgeous sofas and what I imagined as happy people.

These images for me, conjured up a feeling of comfort, safety, warmth, happiness and hope. Simply put …. ‘the glimmer of home’.

Having spent many fabulous years within the marketing and promotions industry helping well-known brands and in senior management roles motivating, coaching and training employees, I eventually wanted a career change…. so, I took a year out to study fully and obtain a professional interior design qualification. I also took the opportunity to train as a certified Mental Health First Aider in order to help individuals manage good mental health. I have great knowledge and experience to help you get the best from your home.

As we know all too well in recent times, good mental health is essential and of the utmost importance. Your home, and how it makes you feel and how it works for you, is one of the key components to great wellbeing for you and your family. Eating well, sleeping well, creating a harmonious environment, all contribute to wellbeing.

My mission now is to help individuals, couples and families to achieve the home they want and need.

What I offer

I have renovated many homes over the years, old and new, small budget and big budget, residential and holiday lets, vintage to contemporary (or my favourite, a mix of both). My love of home interiors and the connection to how this makes people feel, means I am flexible, eclectic and open minded to many styles and creative ideas that achieve the right result for you personally and your budget.

Sometimes, using an Interior Designer can appear intimidating or just expensive!

Interior Design need not break the bank, you can work on one room at a time and you can add things over time – it is a lovely work in progress that we can begin the foundations of together and give you the confidence to try new things.

Of course, you may have the budget, or the need, to crack on at a faster pace and I can help that process too, add creative thinking, eliminate costly errors or perhaps help you sell one home… to be free to find your next.

Family life is always changing and therefore your home not only needs to look and feel good, but function efficiently too. I understand all those upheavals good and bad……………new home, new relationships, new additions, blended families, living with pets, empty nests, and sadly too, the need for healthy change when we lose someone dear.

I live near to Winslow in Buckinghamshire, happily married with two stepchildren and we have shared our home with a variety of pets over recent years: cats, dogs, horses, ducks, chickens, and even snakes. In our house, the laundry/boot room is the most used so has to be organised to stay looking good!

I look forward to working closely with you, to understand your sense of wellbeing and personal style and we will begin to create your dream home.

I believe that the security and comfort of home is a feeling everyone should be helped to achieve and especially those less fortunate or have had difficult times. Therefore, I have picked a special Charity: – emmaus.org.uk/village-carlton

I will donate 5% of my annual earnings to this wonderful charity for the homeless.