Interior Design

One room or the entire house? Often starting small can be a real inspiration for the rest of the home.

In person consultation or online e-Design service available, where applicable. (Will require completion of a fun questionnaire!)

No matter your time or budget I can help you get the look and feel you crave. I have listed below some of the services I offer: -

Interior design services in Buckinghamshire

Room Plans & Layout

Size matters! Regardless of room size, sketching out where things fit down the last millimetre is a crucial starting point. Different layout schemes can alter the feel and function of a room.

Mood & Scheme Boards

Get in the right mood and capture all the ideas and aspirations on one board and a scheme that is easy to follow and replicate in real life.

Colour Consultancy with Colour Psychology insights

Colour can have a distinct impact on our sense of wellbeing and mood and is a design technique that can often be used too much or too little or in the wrong proportion for the room. Whether that be paint, wallpaper or fabric. I can help you choose the best colours, patterns, and combination for you and each room

Lighting Plans

Just like a room layout, having a plan for your lighting needs ensures your room performs for all the family or plain simply looks top class. For me, room lighting has always played an important part in my life and how I feel. I believe it can make a big difference, be relatively easy to adjust, and there are beautiful and dramatic options to suit all styles & budgets.

Soft Furnishings

It is all in the detail. Cushions, throws, rugs etc can make or break a room. The beauty of these small things means you can refresh your scheme at any time for little investment. That has got to be good!

Shopping Lists

Let me trawl through the internet and retail shops to find you the right décor. Collated for you in mind. You get the list complete with pics, links and discounts (where possible) to go shopping!

Project Management

From start to finish, I am here to lend a hand, stuff like find fabrics, help source contractors, oversee the entire project … Basically give you some free time.!


A de-clutter is more than just throwing out a few items … make a real difference by re-organising, get the right type of storage or furniture, re-purpose a wasted space, make it work for everyone, and the icing on the cake – add style. So cathartic!

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